• Maths / Physics / Chemistry / Biology
  • 11+ Grammar School Exam Preparation
  • Yrs. 6-7 8-9 10-11 From KS3 to GCSE’s
  • Yr 4 to 11 Math & English


Outstanding Tuition From Highly Experienced & Dedicated Tutors

Our Tutors have, from their childhoods to their adult lives, always loved learning, studying Maths, English and Sciences. They are determined to inculcate this very same passion within their younger students.

Proven Track Record of Success & 5 Years of Satisfied Clients

13 Grammar school entrances in 1 year! Proof available 35 A*s and A’s for 2015/2016 GCSEs!

No Strings Attached Financially

Unlike other Tuition centres, we do not take our fees as a lump sum payment before-hand for a term. We are Pay as You Go, i.e. weekly payment. The simple reason for this is that if you do not see day in, day out, week in, week out change in your child’s work, then you should feel free to leave without having committed a large block payment.

Small Group Tuition with Superior Teaching Methods

Our tested educational techniques work because:

  1. Small group sizes [5/6]
  2. Groups strictly only of children of similar age, ability or academic level.
  3. Unlike 90% of tuition centres, we do not just hand out sheets. We engage in good, old-fashioned hands-on teaching, showing children slowly, steadily and exactly how things are done.
  4. Detailed and individually tailored feedback, tips and advice for each and every student. Regular homework provided and marked.

We Promise Major Change in Your Child’s Studies

Working with the right Tutors will improve your child’s academic confidence and grades significantly. With over 5 years of experience as small group Tutors, we have brought this change within each and every student we have worked with. Our claim is simple:

“We will effect this academic change in your child. You will notice results within a few weeks after we start work!”

FREE Comprehensive Assessment Conducted for All Prospective Students

Khalid Saeed B.Sc.

Specializing In:

  • Maths / Physics / Chemistry / Biology
  • Yrs. 6-7 8-9 10-11 From KS3 to GCSE's
  • OCR Edexcel AQA
  • GCSE IGCSE 11+ 13+
  • 11+ Training Maths, English [Essay & Comprehension]
  • Selective Eligiblilty & Main Test
  • Yr 4-11 Maths & English

Serving Croydon, Wallington & Sutton:

Groups Of
  • Groups of upto 5/6 students [1 specialist Tutor]
  • In case of over subscribed courses 7-11 students [2 Tutors]
Delivered by
  • Tutors of vast experience and past success rate
  • In Croydon Town Centre, Old Palace Rd.~Near Reeves Corner & Argos.
  • £25 - £30: 2 hour sessions, Package Prices Available On Request.
How It Works
  • Homework set and marked. Regular parental feedback Exceptional, Inspiring & Result Producing Tuition

One Of Our Actual Classes