• Maths / Physics / Chemistry / Biology
  • 11+ Grammar School Exam Preparation
  • Yrs. 6-7 8-9 10-11 From KS3 to GCSE’s
  • Yr 4 to 11 Math & English


Subjects We Are Especially Crazy About Teaching Are Maths & Sciences.

We simply love Maths & Sciences. 5 Years and over 400 clients since first starting we have routinely turned weak students into able and accomplished students, good students into top students. Taking difficult concepts & making them crystal clear is second nature for our Maths and Science loving Tutors. The pleasure of guiding students through the multi-stepped journey through the world of Maths & Science is exhilarating.

Our claim is simple: "We will effect this academic change in your child. You will notice results within a few weeks after we start work!"

Specific Maths & Science Classes for All Levels, Abilities & Requirements

A huge & loyal client base has enabled us to offer classes for every stage of our students' journeys to University.
Yr.3/ Yr.4/ Yr.5/ Yr.6/ Yr.7/ Yr.8/ Yr.9/ Yr.10/ Yr.11/ Yr.12/ Yr.13
KS 1/KS2/KS3
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
SATS Exam preparation
11+ 12+ 13+ Exam preparation
Further Maths
Covering All Syllabuses EDEXCEL OCR AQA

Here's Some Of The Subject Matter Your Child May Study:

Serving Croydon, Wallington & Sutton:

Groups Of
  • Groups of upto 5/6 students [1 specialist Tutor]
  • In case of over subscribed courses 7-11 students [2 Tutors]
Delivered by
  • Tutors of vast experience and past success rate
  • In Croydon Town Centre, Old Palace Rd.~Near Reeves Corner & Argos.
  • £25 - £30: 2 hour sessions, Package Prices Available On Request.
How It Works
  • Homework set and marked. Regular parental feedback Exceptional, Inspiring & Result Producing Tuition

One Of Our Actual Classes