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  • 11+ Grammar School Exam Preparation / 10+
  • Yrs. 3-7 8-9 10-11 From KS3 to GCSE’s
  • Yr 3 to 8 Math & English

Specializing in 11+ Exam Training:


The above named schools rank amongst some of the best schools in the country! Furthermore they are free. Even £23,000/year private schools do not compare in the calibre of education provided. Many parents know this. Consequently, the level of competition and difficulty of the exam is FANTASTICALLY high. Thousands of the brightest kids compete for the prize - only a few hundred will succeed. To deal with this we have 4 courses.


Year 3 Students: 1 Class (2 hours) a week
Year 4 Students: 1 Class (3 hours) a week
Year 5 Students: 2 Classes a week each 2hrs
Summer Intensive Course.We go through exam papers evaryday for 7 weeks.

Course Details ~ Aiming to thoroughly prepare students for:

1st Stage Exam - [Selective Eligibility Tests]
2nd Stage Exams - [Essay, Comprehension, Longer Maths Questions]

English: Essay Writing~(Non-Fiction/Fiction/Letter Writing/Persuasive Writing)

  • Answering comprehension to examiner requirements - mreging points, evidence and quotations.
  • A Reading and vocabulary program.

Maths: Syllabus comprises of over 20 topics !

  • [Fraction/decimals/percentages/length/volume/time conversion/time/ration/proportion/pie charts/venn diagrams/area/perimeter/shapes/symmetry/graphs/data interpretations/angles/probability/BIDMAS/algebra/algebra word problems]
  • Teaching students the techniques of mathematical problem solving

Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning / Critical Thinking

Exceptional Tutors Producing Exceptional Results.

We have literally helped over 100's of students enter the most fierly competitive private and grammar school, Take a careful look for yourselves. Testimonials

The 11+ journey is an exceptionally difficult & complex journey.

We are not ordinary tutors but tutors specialising in 11+. We live 11+, eat 11+, breathe 11+, sleep 11+ & have done so for eight years. It is our unmatched experience & deep passion that insures not only stunning results but the happiness & well being of our students during this challenging journey. See for yourself:

Helping families win financial scholarships for the prestigious private schools named above.

Many parents have saved themselves a small fortune by us helping them to win academic scholarships for the above named private schools. All their requirements covered (verbal & non-verbal reasoning, critical thinking, interview practice).

Serving Croydon, Sutton, Bromley & Kingston:

Groups Of
  • Groups of upto 7/8 students [1 specialist Tutor]
  • In case of over subscribed courses 7-11 students [1 Tutor + 1 Teaching Assistant]
Delivered by
  • Tutor and teaching assistant of vast experience and past success rate TESTIMONIALS
  • Central Croydon Old Palace Rd.--Near Reeves Corner Or online Zoom option available
  • Prices from £25 - £35 / 2 hour sessions.
  • Individuals Prices Available On Request.
How It Works
  • Homework set and marked. Regular parental feedback. Exceptional, Inspiring & Result Producing Tuition.

One of Our Actual Classes